About Us

Jocelyn Willis-6Main Street Dance has a strong emphasis on dance technique rather than competition. Instead of just teaching “a” dance, we teach “how” to dance.

We base our dance training on the foundation of ballet and encourage our dancers to try all forms of dance. We also believe in instilling self confidence, discipline, determination and integrity in our dancers to become not only great dancers, but great people!

We fully believe that the environment we produce in the studio sets the tone for each class and each student. We work hard and see our students emulate the example that we, as instructors, set.

We offer dance classes for all ages and all levels including pre-dance for our youngest dancers, 3 to 6 years of age, and dance for special needs students. We love dance and desire to pass that on to our students, whether they are dancing for fun or for a career.

Main Street Dance is the home of God Squad Dance Crew.