We at Main Street Dance strive to instill self-confidence, discipline, determination, and integrity in our dancers. Our hope is that they will embody these attributes to become not only great dancers, but great people!  Our belief is that the environment we produce in the studio sets the tone for each class and each student. We work hard and see our students emulate the example that we, as instructors, set.

We offer dance classes for all ages and all levels including pre-dance for our youngest dancers and pre-professional classes for those pursuing a career in dance. Our desire is to pass our passion and love for dance on to our students, whether they are dancing for fun or as a professional.

Main Street Dance is the home of God Squad Dance Crew.

A self portrait of Jocelyn Willis smiling outside in front of a rusty wall. Jocelyn is Caucasian with brown eyes, highlighted brown bangs, dreadlocks. Jocelyn is wearing a white sleeveless crew neck t shirt and has large golden disk shaped earrings on.

Jocelyn Willis

Class Instructor for: Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Contemporary,
Pointe, and Acrobatics.

“I am dedicated to not only the education but the character and confidence building of each student.

The ability to move your body creatively in a set, memorized pattern, to a beat heard and reacted to immediately, uses the right and left brain simultaneously which releases endorphins that make you feel amazing, and proves that your brain works very well, therefore; dance can make you happier and smarter!”


25 years Ballet and Jazz, 17 years Hip-Hop, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary. Some: Salsa, Ballroom, Breakdance, Acrobatics, West Coast Swing and Country Swing.

1984-90: Bridget Bloomfield, 1990-2011: Class Act Dance- Cheryl Armstrong, Nicole Molineri, Dorian Sanchez, Fran Shannon.

2002-Current: In addition to taking local regular classes, Master Classes- Edge PAC & Millennium Dance Complex.

Professional Dance Conventions (3 per year)- Hollywood Connection, Dupree, 24/Seven, SOL, Tremaine, Radix, Jump, Dance Excellence.


Dance Studio Owner
Main Street Dance Company: Templeton, CA.  ( 2013- Present)

Paso Robles Public School Dance Units
Georgia Brown, Winifred Pifer, Bauer Speck, Virginia Peterson, and Flamson Middle School  (2011- Present) 
Kermit King, Lewis Middle School

Founder/ Director/ President 
God Squad Dance Crew, Inc. Non-profit 501c.3
Performing ministry and youth missionary group

Performing Company, Competition Team Director, and Choreographer
Main Street Dance Company  (2011-present) 
Class Act Dance

Dance Instructor
Main Street Dance Company 
Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary.
  (2011- Present) 

Class Act Dance
Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary. 

The Dance Center 
Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Tap, Lyrical

Stage and Street Performer
Dance Excellence, Disneyland, North County Dance and Performing Arts Foundation, Class Act Dance,
Sara S., Brenton Wood, and God Squad Dance Crew

Our Staff

A close up self portrait of Tiffany outside in bright daylight. Tiffany is a older woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Tiffany is wearing red lipstick and has big smile, she also has large diamond like earrings on with a small chain necklace.

Tiffany Jeffcoach

Children’s Classes Director
Just 2’s, Lyrical, Ballet,
and Children’s Classes

A self portrait of Renelle Willis standing outside in front of a white column wearing a heather grey crew neck tshirt. Renelle has a tan Caucasian skin tone with dark brown eyes and highlighted light brown hair that goes a little past her shoulders.

Renelle Willis

Street Junior’s Director
Hip Hop

A zoomed in self portrait of Jasmine wearing a loose wide bream purple hat with a black band and a black shirt. Jasmine is caucasian looking with green hazel eyes and shoulder height straight blonde hair. Jasmine is wearing earrings that are covered by her hair and she also has a nose ring in her right nostril.

Jasmine Woodjack

Senior Jazz Company Director
Jazz, Lyrical, and Ballet

A self portrait of Catherine Fisher with a beige backdrop. Catherine is a younger Caucasian women with highlighted brown hair down to her shoulders, green hazel eyes, light freckles, and a big smile. Catherine is wearing a plum crew neck t shirt with a flower embroidered jean jacket.

Catherine Fisher

Kids Jazz Company Director
Jazz, Lyrical, and Ballet

A self portrait of Taylor Santero sitting on a staircase outside. Taylor has curly brown hair with blue eyes. Taylor is wearing a black v-neck garment, golden rectangle earrings, and she has a nose ring on the right nostril.

Taylor Santero

Teen Jazz Company Director
Musical Theater, and Jazz Technique

A close up self portrait of Courtney in black and white. Courtney is wearing glasses and has a nose ring in her left nostril.

Courtney Brock

Class Instructor
Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, 
and Children’s Classes

A upper torso black and white self portrait of Emily Brouillard inside a room. Emily has a big smile with straight hair. She is wearing a dark v-neck garment with a necklace and studded earrings.

Emily Brouillard

Class Instructor
Ballet, Tap, and Children’s Classes

A self portrait of Helena Higuera with big city buildings behind her. The image only shows from her waist up, and the sun is setting or rising behind her and is emitting a glow around her. Helena looks Hispanic and has dark long and straight brown hair, she is wearing her hair in a ponytail and has a black crew neck t-shirt on. Helena's eyes are brown and she is not wearing any jewelry. Her arm is up over her head and she is starring off into the distance.

Helena Higuera

Class Instructor
Hip Hop