Performing Companies are for students that want more serious training and performance opportunities in all areas of dance.
*These companies are invitation only – please talk to your instructor if you would like to be considered for a performing company.


*These are attended by our Performing Company Dancers only.
(COVID-19 restrictions may cause these events to cancel)

Dupree Convention and Competition – San Francisco, CA- Burlingame
– Event Date: February 26th-28th

Bella Moxi Convention and Competition – Burbank, CA
– Event Date: April 24th-26th

Adrenaline Nationals Convention and Competition – San Diego, CA
– Event Date: June 26- July 2nd

Optional Conventions:

Adrenaline Convention and Competition – Los Angeles, CA-Event Date: March 19th-21st


To join a performing company at Main Street Dance, you need to audition the summer prior to the season.

Our season follows the school year, and the Auditions are usually the 2nd week in July.

We recommend taking the Audition Workshop, which we offer a few days prior to the audition; to learn the audition routine, what to expect, and how the audition will be ran.

Company dancers are committing to be a part of their performing group for one year. If dancers would like to continue as a Company Member, they must re-audition each year.

Company Dancers will perform locally in the community, participate in parades, and attend at least 3 dance Competition/Conventions each season.

See this season’s Company Expectations for this Season’s commitment.