Just 2’s (Age 2)
Incorporates movement and dance games with the help of your parent.

Fairy Princesses (Age: 3 & 4 Year’s Old)
Separated by age for appropriate developmental growth. These classes teach creative movement, basic ballet technique and tumbling. Classes are structured to promote age appropriate developmental growth.

Ballet & Tap Combo (Age: 3-5 Year’s Old)
This class teaches the basics of ballet and tap for rhythm.

Pre-Jazz (Age: 5-7 Year’s Old)
Incorporates beginning basics of jazz and hip hop with emphasis on movement imagery and artistic expression.

Pre-Ballet (Age: 5-7 Year’s Old)
Beginning basics of classical ballet with emphasis on fundamental skills while having fun.

Pre-Hip Hop (Age: 5-7 Year’s Old)
Learn basic hip hop skills. Fun movement and a hip hop routine will be taught to popular music.

Pre-Tap (Age: 5-7 Year’s Old)
Learn basic hip tap skills. Fun and Loud.

Hip Hop
Dedicated to bringing to newest styles and forms of grooves, popping, locking, and some basics of breakdance.

Musical Theater
“Usually performed in musicals” combines the jazz techniques and Broadway tunes, while emphasizing performance skills.

Students will learn foundational techniques and artistic variations from the Russian, Vaganova, and the well-known Cecchetti methods. We embrace both classical and contemporary ballet through both traditional and fun choreography.

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 ballet technique classes a week and pass a teacher evaluation (age/bone development, length of training, strength, anatomy of foot/ankle, weight, and attitude).

Our contemporary classes stress the use of emotions, balance, floor work, fall, recovery, and improvisation. This is a very popular form of dance today and students love creating and performing their own movements.

Jumps & Turns
This technique class focuses on the skills and foundation needed to master turns, leaps, and tricks.

Work on; somersaults, headstands, handstands, cartwheels, and more while strengthening shoulders
and core to prepare for more advanced acrobatics.

Pre-requisite: Tumbling | Learn and master the skills required to perform Acro tricks used in the current dance world. Conditioning with the correct form and methodology drives students to master walk-overs, cartwheels, aerials, kips, handsprings, and more.

An extremely fluid and expressive style of dance. This style combines modern, jazz, and ballet technique.